About Andy's Rockets

About this site

This website gives an overview of my interests in Model and High Power Rocketry. It lists my complete fleet of rockets, old and new, with flight results and comments where applicable. I even provide hints and tips for some rockets, so that you can get better results from your rockets.

About me

My name is Andy Moore, I have been interested in model rocketry properly since about 1992. I started with egglofting on C motors, and water rockets in the New Forest, and eventually progressed to kit building. Most people start with kit rockets and then progress to scratchbuilding rockets.

I studied Electronic Engineering at Southampton University, and then an MSc in Satellite Communication Engineering at Surrey Universtiy. After a 2-3 year spell working in Naval Electronics, I moved to Vega Group, where I was working on a contract for Astrium GmbH building and testing the Envisat satellite for the European Space Agency. Since then I've been working on the Rosetta spacecraft doing a similar job, but this one is supposed to rendezvous with a comet and deploy a lander.

How Did I Get Involved in Rocketry?

Guy Gratton, Rick Newlands, Robin Bennett and I were all at Southampton University together. Guy was my neighbour in Halls in my 1st Year, and during our last year was Southampton SEDS Chairman. Guy, Rick and Robin were on the same course. Robin was a flatmate during my final year and persuaded me to be on his team to launch a raw egg on a C6 motor. Guy organised the competition I think. We didn't win, but I had the egg for dinner afterwards.

Rick used mine and Robin's flat to test waveriders (we lived on the top floor, and he could throw them out of the window to see if they would glide). The word "plummet" was on everyones tongue that year (except Rick's).

Rick is a bit of a fanatic. He pestered us to go to the Largs rocket weekend in 1992, so Robin, Rick, me, My Brother (who knew Rick) and Adam Baker trapsed all the way to Scotland in an epic 15 hour minibus journey via Southampton, Oxford, Nottingham and Preston! We certainly were glad when we got there. Even though we had terrential storms, we had never seen so much BP lit in a weekend! (BTW: the first IRW is still the most memorable, but the Polish Vodka may have played a part there)

So with Southampton SEDS came UKSEDS, and Aspire and suddenly there was Richard Osborne (of Scrapheap fame), James MacFarlane, James Murray and more.

We all went our different ways, but most of us still meet up 2-3 times a year

Guy has a responsible job, I now work for ESA, Robin is the driver of SMIDSY on Robot Wars, and Rick does computery type work like me and Robin.

Credit definitely has to go to John Bonsor for being the individual that has brought more rocketry groups and individuals together than anybody else.

Finally, if none of these names mean anything to you, then you really ought to come along to a UKRA rocketry event and join in the fun!


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