A Chronology of UK Rocketry

2005Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop begins trading as a specialist Hybrid Rocketry dealer
2004Cath Bashford becomes Prefect of Tripoli UK after gaining Level 3
Deepsky rocket shop changes hands, and is now run by Paul Lavin
2003Apo11o changes hands, and is now run by Alan Meredith
2001SWARM rocket group started, originally as a charity event
Tony Williams starts Apo11o rocketry store
WRS rocketry club started, based on the Wirral
2000BlackKnights rocketry club started, based in the Midlands
EARS rocketry club started, with a launch site near Cambridge
Deepsky rocketry shop started by Andy Little
1999Rockets and Things rocketry store started by Tony Betts
1998The International Rocket Weekend becomes the International Rocket Week
NorthStar Rocketry Group started
Tripoli UK (Tripoli prefecture #108) started by Ben Jarvis
1997CROCK, Canterbury Rocket club started by Tony Betts
Pete Davy starts Pete's Rockets - the UK's Premier High Power and Model Rocket Specialist
The first UKRA annual event held at Garlands, home of the Thrust Rocketry Club
1996UKRA kick-off meeting held at IRW in Largs. In attendance were individuals and clubs including Scott Bartel (Tripoli), UKSEDS, MARS, Aspire, ASTRA and many more.
The UK Guide to Model Rocketry, predecessor to andysrockets was created, after Demon Internet handed out free webspace for the first time. Prior to this, my personal webpage had been hosted by Marcus Lauder.
1995Hornchurch Airfield Rocket Team started by Peter Barrett and Laurie Calvert . I was a member of HART until I moved overseas. HART went on to appear in many TV shows, including TechnoGames, where they trounced everybody in the Rocket Car contests.
1994AspireSpace founded by the members of the Aspire Team, no longer as a UKSEDS project
1993My second IRW attendance, when I should have been finishing the thesis for my Masters. I guess that makes me an officially 'hooked' rocketeer
1992The Scottish Rocket Weekend is renamed 'International Rocket Weekend', since there was a Polish National competition team, and people from Switzerland present. This was my first IRW.
Aspire team launch Aspire-1 in Mourmelon, France to an altitude of 3.5km.
1991MARS Advanced Rocketry Society started
Aspire Rocket Team started by a group of students from the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cambridge and Kent
I took up rocketry as a hobby, after being part of 'the great egg-loft' contest at university
1990I joined UKSEDS, and went on to become council member, and newsletter editor, and later represented UKSEDS at rocktery events.
1989John Bonsor starts STAAR Research
1988I was introduced to water rockets (aquajets) and Estes model rockets in A-Level Physics class
1986The first Scottish Rocket Weekend is held at Largs, later to become the International Rocket Weekend
John Pitfield (Rocket Services)
Richard Osborne becomes active in rocketry.
1963ASTRA created
1936  Paisley Rocketry Society created by John and Peter Stewart

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