UK Rocketry Clubs

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United Kingdom Rocketry Association -

The Official Body overseeing High and Low Power Rocketry in the UK. UKRA has a permanent base in Lincolnshire, which is used for launch events, with a fully kitted hut for prepping rockets.

Tripoli UK -

The UK Prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Its members are probably the most keen fliers of HPR in the UK (and beyond) and are members of multiple organisations. Trips are arranged to the most popular overseas Tripoli events (BALLS, LDRS and ALRS), where people can fly motors from A class up to Experimental clusters of O, P and Q motors or even bigger!

MARS Advanced Rocketry Society -

MARS are an enthusiastic and committed group of young individuals who are working "to put Britain back in space" through the development of rockets and rocket related technologies.

EARS - East Anglia Rocketry Society -

EARS has an excellent launch site at Elsworth, just outside Cambridge. It is one of the most organised clubs, launching monthly throughout the year, and was the first local club to hold a 2-day event (BigEARS).

LARF - Lincolnshire Amateur Rocketry Fliers -

LARF fly from the same site that UKRA use at Heckington, Lincolnshire.

WRS - Wirral Rocketry Society -

WRS have regular monthly flying sessions from a few local sites, but its members also travel to other club launches (EARS, SWARM, BK).

CROCK - Canterbury Rockets -

Named after its original location, they now have a fantastic launchsite in Kent on a sod-farm near Rye, which is totally devoid of trees.

NSRG - North Star Rocketry Group -

A group of fellow rocketeers from Yorkshire. They used to launch from Baildon Moor, but now they tend to be guests at other club events.

Midland Rocketry -

Rocketry group based in the midlands, who fly from a farm near Tamworth.

BK - Black Knights -

Named after the famous British rocket, and based on two sites in the Midlands. They have one launch site near Kidderminster, and another near Tamworth. They now have a 2-day launch event in the summer.

STAAR Research -

There are two sides to this organisation. The first is research into Waverider spaceplanes, and the second is the International Rocket Week held at Kelburn Country Centre in Scotland. The IRW is the longest running and most popular event, attracting rocketeers from all over the UK and Europe.

AspireSpace -

Organisation dedicated to experimental rocketry, particulary in the field of hybrids.

SWARM - South West Amateur Rocketry Meet -

Based just outside Okehampton in Devon, they probably have the best site for high-altitude flying and the biggest uninhabited drop space.