A selection of the best rocketry links.


Thrustcurve - Motor Performance Data Online

The Rocketry Forum - Global Forum

UK Rocketry Forum - UK Forum

Rocketry Online - Global Rocketry Resource

Info Central - Hobby Rocketry's Reference Resource

EMRR - Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews

Cesaroni - Manufacturer of ProXX Motors

Rocketry Today - Reviews and Plans etc.


UKRA - United Kingdom Rocketry Association

Tripoli UK - Tripoli United Kingdom

MARS - MARS Advanced Rocketry Society

FOG - Fins Over Gwent

MRC - Midland Rocketry

NWRS - North West Rocketry Society

EARS - East Anglia Rocketry Society

NSRG - NorthStar Rocketry Group

BK - Black Knights West Midlands Rocketry Club

SARA - Scottish Aeronautics & Rocketry Association


Rockets + Things - Model and HPR Supplier

Apollo11 - Model and HPR Supplier

Rowe's Retainers - Supplier of Shiny coned and other motor reatiners

Rebelspace - Supplier of HPR for EU

Value Rockets - Supplier of rocket engines at reasonable prices


Richard Osborne - Excellent information on Hybrids and Altimeters

Damian Burrin - Excellent Site for Rocketry Videos and more

John Coker - Excellent US based rocketry resource

Gates Brothers - Big, Bigger and Beautiful Rockets