UK Rocketeers

Richard Osborne -

Easily the UK's best resource for information on Hybrid Rockets and Altimeters. Richard is one of the longest serving UK Rocketeers, and undoubtedly the most experienced flyer of Hybrids and Avionics. You won't find any more detailed information on the web - anywhere!

Niall Oswald -

Relatively new on the UK Rocketry scene, but certainly one of the most enthusiastic. If you want a launch report, this is the place to go! All the major launch reports are fully written up, with photos often within 24 hours. Niall also has an avid interest in Hybrids, and has an excellent comparison of all the major Hybrid Rocket motors that are available right now!

Cath Bashford -

Tripoli UK Prefect and Level 3 certified. That's the real Tripoli UK too, not the more recent commercial venture with a confusingly similar name.