Rocketry Vendors

Apo11o Model Rocketry -

Apo11o are model rocketry specialists, and are exclusive UK distributor of Totally Tubular tubes, centering rings, and motor mounts. They also stock nosecones from Balsa Machining Services, Estes parts and building materials.

Eclispe Rocketry -

Manufacturer and vendor of microhybrids and associated accessories and hardware.

Rebel Rocketry -

Based in the Netherlands, but will ship anywhere within Europe, and beyond. This is where I get about half of my HPR components. Rebel stocks many PML components and similar, and have their own range of HPR kits.

Rockets and Things -

Official Dealer of Low, Mid and High Power Rocketry products from Cesaroni (ProXX motors), LOC/Precision, Estes and the recently popular Dynastar, Semroc and Fliskits. Rocket and Things easily travel the most to trade on site at all the major launch events (UKRA, KLOB, IRW) and club day launches including CROCK, EARS, SWARM and Black Knights.

Rocketstore -

One stop shop for the rocket enthusiast. One of the most extensive online Rocket Stores, in Europe, stocking all the major manufacturers, and with a real "bricks and mortar" store too!

Rowe's Retainers -

Manufacturer and vendor of seriously well made motor retainers in all standard motor sizes from 24mm up to 98mm. They make both standard bolt-on and screw-on retainers, and also cone shape retainers.

Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop -

Europe's only specialist Hybrid Rocket dealer. It is run by experienced Hybrid flyers for Hybrid flyers. Uncle Bob is a very dedicated hybrid flyer, and will help you make the jump from solids to hybrids. His Hybrid Masterclasses are well worth attending if you get the opportunity!

Rocket Engines -

Value Rocket offering good quality rocket engines, rocket fuel, model rockets, Estes rocket, rocket nozzle, rocket launch pad, rocket propellant and other rocket parts an a reasonable rate.