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RJD 2007

Posted: 17-Jun-2007

My first attendance of a rocketry event in Germany. I'd wanted to go last year, but had a calendar conflict, but this year I made sure I went along. The site is superb, large, flat, open, and no trees for about 1km downwind. Only downsides were the knee-deep grass that hides rockets, a stiff breeze, and scorching sun. There was a British contingent of 2 there, and a total of 4 IRW veterans. Certainly good to see that rocketry is becoming more established across Europe, and good to see the difference in themes that each country tend to prefer.

UK Rocketeers do Top Gear (again)

Posted: 19-Feb-2007

Last time was a Mini on a Ski Jump. This time the UK rocketry community, led by the same team, turned a Reliant Robin into a 1/5 scale Space Shuttle for Top Gear.

The rocket consisted of a total of 6 Contrail Hybrids and "several" AP motors, with a total impulse well in excess of 200,000Ns. The Top Gear website has a short write-up, with many pics.

AeroTech CE Marking

Posted: 16-Feb-2007

Today, AeroTech announced that they had finally been granted CE approval for the full "classic" line of AeroTech model and high-power single-use and RMS™ reloadable rocket motors. This is fantastic news for the UK (and the rest of EU) and should mean imminent supply of our favourite Blue Thunder, White Lightning and BlackJack/Max motors, just in time for the new season :) Redline (and a few newer motors) still need HSE C+A paperwork completed, but this is already in hand! 2007 should be a super year for rocketry, and especially in the D-G mid-power range.

Skyripper Hybrids

Posted: 30-June-2006

My next project is fully designed, and the order has gone in to Rebel Rocketry. I already have many spare bits, so the order was rather minimal... just tubes, shockcords etc., but basically this will be a 2inch diameter dual-deploy rocket for my Skyripper Hybrids, but with 2 boosters. One booster will be for the SRS 38/220 and SRS 38/400 casings, and the second booster will be for the 37inch long SRS 38/580 casing.
Sims are suggesting about 2000ft on the 38/220 motors, 4300ft (PVC) or 5700ft (PP) on the 38/400 motor. For the longer booster, 5700ft (PVC) and 6700ft (PP) are the predicted altitudes with the 38/580 motor.
Both have been designed to accept the Contrail 38mm hybrids as well.

UKRA 2006

Posted: 12-June-2006

Well what fantastic weather! Hot and sunny all weekend, loads of flights, but didn't fly myself. I'm now the prowd owner of a 98mm Rowe's Retainer, so now I have to build the rocket to go with it :)

Top Gear - Olympic Special

Posted: 12-Feb-2006

Just seen the BBC Top Gear Olympic Special, and it was fantastic! One of the Olympic sports they recreated with automobiles was a rocket propelled Mini doing a ski jump.
Three UKRA members (Damian Hall, Colin Rowe and Pete Davy) were responsible for this stunt, using 3 Contrail Hybrid rockets. It certainly flew very well indeed, and the rocket flames were impressive. There is a short write-up on the UKRA website with more information.
If you came across this site by chance, then you too can fly rocket motors like those used in the show, on most weekends during the summer. Why not come along to a UKRA event and join in our rocketry fun?

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