Andy's Rockets

Current Rocket Fleet

Below is a list of my current rockets. Click on the name of a rocket to see details and launch photos.

NameKit Manuf.LengthMotor Config.FltsComments
7in SaucerArt Applewhite??cm24mm28Perfect for breezy conditions - no parachute drift!
Qubit StealthArt Applewhiten/a24mm17D12 CATO on 1st flight
Black Brant IIEstes64cm24mm13Used to be my most flown rocket
Extreme 29Vaughn Brothers102cm29mm929mm Minimum Diameter
LegacyLOC/Precision128cm29mm6Flew eventually!
MatrixPML132cm38mm4Looks cool
InterdictorRogue Aerospace34cm18mm4Cool spaceplane
Pirate (modified)Rebel135cm54mm KS3Level 2 Cert.
ALARMLaunchPad111cm24mm2Scale model of ALARM missile
Viper IVLOC/Precision123cm4x24mm2Replaces my lost Viper III
RampageEstes?? cm18mm2Raffle prize - handy for MAP cert.
Tiny PterodactylPML66cm29mm2Tiny version of the 4" Pterodactyl Jr kit
BigBerthaEstes??cm40mm1Modified to be min.diameter!
SeawolfLaunchPad74cm24mm1Scale model of Seawolf missile
StoviLOC/Precision117cm24mm1Possible 7x24mm Cluster
IcarusQuest78cm18mm0Kit I won in UKRA2002 raffle.

Retired / Lost Rockets

These rockets have been retired from the collection. Often this is due to the rocket being lost to the crops.

NameKit Manuf.LengthMotor Config.FltsComments
BuzzardVaughn Brothers28cm18mm6IRW Boost glider competion entry 2001. MAP L2 cert. Glider part was lost to the forest in 2007.
Small EndeavorPML???38mm5Snazzy split-fin design. Lost at BigEARS 2008.
Pterodactyl JrPML106cm38mm11UKRA Level 1 Cert. Eventually crashed after ejection charge failure.
Commanche 3Estes89cm2x24mm, 18mm33-stage rocket, lost at Largs.
XCaliburPML115cm38mm2Six Fins, Lost at Pete's Farm.
Slightly Scuff the SkyScratchbuilt197cm38mm1Skyripper hybrid - came in ballistic